The real brutal face of the Kenyan police came out clear during CORD's countrywide anti IEBC demos that turned ugly as officers reigned terror on the peaceful demonstrators firing teargas and water cannons to disperse the demonstrators demanding for a fair and free elections.

Interior security CS Nkaissery who is accused of being drunk with power to stupor, had earlier warned to crash the demos at whichever cost regardless of its nature and true to his words, the officers showed no mercy.

Several people were left hospitalized with serious injuries inflicted by the fierce police brutality that was well captured in the lenses. Many human rights lobbyists have condemned the unethical act terming is as old age mentality shouting out that the constitution allows for peaceful demonstration.

In the same demos, Raila's car was hit with a live bullet from the police a claim that as expected, has been denied by the police.

Here are some of the ruthless pics captured on the demos. All courtesy

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