Met Leonard or as he call himself Rama alias Gitothi his code name in the lethal Gaza gang that has been terrorizing people of Eastlands. This photo might pass as any other normal one but wait till you see the next one ousting himself as one of the criminals.

In a move that has not only left his friends puzzled but nearly the entire Kenya social media circles have been abuzz with these photos doing circulation.

Ramah posted on his Facebook photos of him holding a pistol while smoking marijuana showing off a 'bada**' and a mutu mubaya person perhaps to prove to his peers that he doesn't fear anything.

A further look down his profile shows a youngman looking innocent you might think so but you'll notice the many rings and chains that he's flaunting, this is one of the identities that members of this. Criminal group Gaza mostly boys below 18 are synonymous with. They call this waya waya

As if that's not enough proof there's another photo of the man in a mourning mood donning a.condolences T-shirt with the image of a friend Maruge, who happens now to be a member of the squad but had been killed by the police.

As we go down his timeline we realize the young man perhaps due to his Criminal ways is married and even has a baby and got a gun too

And here's his wife

Recent research shows many youngsters are actively getting engaged with criminal activities in Eastlands. This one has ousted himself and you can bet the police on his trail.


  1. Gaza is a criminal gang and should not be allowed to terorise Kayole residents. The police should Gaza gang and arrest those who finances them. Here is an extensive description of what is . Gaza , origin and their activities