The gay community in Mombasa is a worried risking attack from the public following a leaked video online showing a number of them doing their 'Backdoor actions'.

Shot with a phone the video which was leaked by an anonymous party shows many of the coastal boys romping each other like nonsense perhaps not having an idea that one was filming or they knew and knew it wouldn't be leaked

One of the boys in the movie had been identified by Bamburi residents Having been ousted from the flick and was given a thorough beating for being a shoga and spoiling the name of Mombasa according to the residents that's an abomination to the society, "hatutakubali vijana watuharibie jina hapa wakishinda kufirana kama ni kweli kama mvulana ana hamu tu kwa mwenzio ilhali wanadada wamwtapakaa kila mahali hapa na kuma hilo video ni la aibu na tutawatafuta kila mmoja na kuwapa adabu" said Abdul one of the most feared men in Bamburi and who led the beating of the young man.

Do you support how they are taking actions on the gays is it fair?