Rev David Muriithi has  been criticised once again for commercialising the church and going even further by organising a paid for comedy show with Churchil to be staged inside the church.

Critics are arguing that Jesus is opposed to turning the God's place into a commercial venue with ref to Bible tale where Jesus himself whipped out traders who had camped outside the church,"God himself is not happy,we already know this is business but imagine one having to pay sh.1000 for a comedy show to be staged inside a church,what if you need to worship and not attend that show? It is no secret they won't allow you,the Rev has overstepped this time and the devil agent here is Churchil" laments a disgruntled worshiper.

Churchil and Rev Muriithi have organised The Biggest Laugh event will be at House Grace Church along Langata Road this holiday, Charges Ksh500 and they even have VIP.section for Ksh1000 inside the church.

Is this okay or you think and agree that the Rev has overstepped and out to make money and that Churchil is a devil's agent.