The UN special rapporteur and human rights activist is living in fears following intimidating incidences towards his family and himself as well.

Addressing the press at Serena hotel on Friday afternoon,Maina wished to inform the world of the intimidating nature of environment in Kenya.

He revealed of a militia group calling itself Nyaribo Support Group in his rural home in Nyeri have threatened to burn down his mother's homestead and his as well.

This follows suspicion and allegations that he could be one of the witnesses at the ICC. The group members are demanding he pulls his interests off the cases or face the consequences.

Policemen and dogs have also been spotted camping at the homestead of Maina's mother for days. Measure which the police describe as offering extra security.

In his presser the lawyer said witness intimidation is propagated by well known bloggers who are operating with open impunity and assured support from the statehouse.

Though he didn't mention it the bloggers who've been spreading malicious lies and exposing ICC witnesses in a well calculated intimidation move on witnesses includes; daily post and jackal news run by renowned propagandist Bogonko Bosire who also started the rumours about witness 536,daily post on the other side reported that Maina was spotted at Hague and could possible a witness,they also exposed the now verified lie,a picture of one girl Muthoni to be a witness.

Maina attributes the hostile environment to the bloggers and the president himself for taking no action to curb the menace.

He goes further to fire at the president for employing known propagandist to head key communication posts in the government,Dennis Itumbi obviously.

Maina concludes by saying if anything happens to him or the family then the president should take  responsibility.

Read the full press release below.

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