Hi admin I want to expose this gospel celeb anaitwa DANCO. Danco is of the TOBINA fame the song Daddy Owen did with him. This guy had a fiancee and then early this year according to my sources he came out with a declaration to friends and family that he wanted to settle down. Everyonewas excited, wedding plans were high on top speed but then later in August, allhell broke loose. This guy number 1. with all that fame was being housed by the mama in her digs which is okay but after a while the wedding was called off, the mama booted the guy and that was it. My sources tells me that this happened after Danco was caught by the mama in her digs pants down doing another woman. It is said the mama couldnot hold the pain and so she threw danco out and the mama and called off the wedding. Since then Danco went underground, he brought down his facebook pages, he dissapeared from the music scene and is said to be concentrating on his engineering career.